Thank You, and Goodbye. 

As of Friday, July 31st, Undercurrent officially closed for business. Here's to an Ever Better Future.


A Few Words.

For eight years, we have forged ahead into what has been the most gratifying, most humbling, and most amazing work that we’ve all had the pleasure to touch. The relationships we’ve created – in and out of the office – will endure beyond today. Each one has fed our souls and hearts and made work a meaningful place to come to every single day. It rarely felt like work.

All of our public contributions to organizational design theory and observations on the effective operations of consulting firms will remain public. We recently open-sourced our surveying tool, Pulse, too. We encourage everyone to partake liberally in these resources and use them for your own projects. 

Some of us are off to join our clients’ organizations, where we will continue pushing forward the changes we committed to create. Others of us are officially on the market. A smaller group will likely start afresh, and build firms of the character and consequence that Undercurrent was progressing toward. If you’re an organization in need of help, or if you ever thought your personal purpose looked a lot like ours, watch for signal. Find any of us on LinkedIn and on Twitter, and know that we’re always game to shake things up.

We set out to create ever-better organizations – continuously better places to work. We believe deeply in this quiet revolution and hope you will help carry Undercurrent’s purpose forward. The mission is simple, yet challenging: Don’t accept things as they are. Push your organization, your work, your role toward the future we’ve all just begun to build. It’s never too late to get started.

For all who have supported us, worked with us, followed us, and cheered for us, thank you.


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