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The world is changing. Your organization deserves to be ready.

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Our Theory

Today's largest and most important organizations face two critical challenges: 

  1. The world around them is changing faster than ever.

  2. Their own scale and complexity are working against them. 

Only organizations that become Responsive will thrive – Responsive to their customers, culture, competition, technology, regulation, and all other forces of disruption.

Undercurrent is a 21st century strategic and management partner that helps organizations become better prepared for the rapidly changing world and become truly Responsive.


Responsive organizations improve as things get more uncertain. 

They prioritize purpose over profit. Empowerment over control. Emergence over planning. Networks over hierarchies. Adaptivity over efficiency. Transparency even over privacy. All while growing faster, satisfying more customers, and delighting employees more than their peers.

These priorities are alien to most large, complex organizations. Yet they're hardly native to smaller groups, and high-flying tech startups can suffer from the same dynamics that plague diversified industrials.

We believe it's possible for any organization to become Responsive by adopting new structures, traditions and methods that permanently change they way they operate. And while it's hard work, we've made it our mission to study, develop, and spread this change to every organization on the planet.



The Pulse quantifies an organization’s operating system across 35 unique attributes, helping internal and external change agents track their impact.

The winners in the 21st Century will be those that are focused on habitability and achievement – not just for employees but for customers, too.
— Clay Parker Jones, Managing Director

Our Difference


Our output is focused on capability, not co-dependence.

Our industry is famous for producing massive, highly rigorous documents in the worst case, and in the best case implementing massive, top-down change. All at a similarly massive cost. 

We’re working to permanently fix organizations with coaching and capability-building that lead to sustainable change. No big contracts. No big decks. Just real, incremental change with real, near-term impact.

We know our clients have to change the way they work in mid-air, so we adopt a strategy consulting approach to face many challenges - big or small. With every engagement, we seek to make our clients more Responsive. Every project – every team – is a chance to transform.

Working with us isn't what you're used to, but we believe it's better.


Our teams are structured for Responsiveness.

Our organizational change teams are self-organized, lean, autonomous, and multidisciplinary. They are comprised of five roles: a visionary team leader, a duo of expert team members, a client experience manager, and a senior advisor. Our team leaders and duos are often embeddable, spending up to two days per week on site with you. Our teams are tightly knit, sharing physical space as well as real-time collaboration tools, ensuring that we move with unprecedented speed.


Our projects are designed for speed.

We deliver business change in 4-week cycles. Each cycle is composed of four weeklong sprints that follow the same basic rhythm: progress check, goals, activities, synthesis, and delivery. 

We ship every week, no matter what. At the beginning of each week we’ll meet with you to discuss the progress, output, and insights from the week prior, and then establish a plan of attack for the week ahead. This results in a combined effort that is incredibly productive day-to-day, yet remains nimble week-to-week. 


Our strategy consulting is built for an uncertain world.

Vision & Strategy 
We analyze potential future states, business models, markets, and trends to align teams around a purpose and a path forward.

Ways of Working
We build and coach teams to adopt new processes that foster organizational change and Responsiveness.

Ways of Organizing
We deploy methods and tools for creating agile organizational models to increase speed, innovation and learning while minimizing risk. 


Our Experience

We've spent the last eight years – and more than 300 individual projects – delivering organizational strategy and transformation to just over 50 organizations. We've learned that every group, commercial or not, can benefit from Responsive thinking. 

From automotive to banking to non-profits, we help the world’s top organizations get the most out of their work in service of an ever better future for their customers, their employees, and the world.